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Final grade for a course usually include the coursework mark and final exam mark. However for different subjects, the measurement is slightly different more or less. There are 3 types of measurement of subjects I have done at Bellerbys College Brighton. To begin with, pure coursework assessment, for example, FES 3 is 100% coursework-assessed; as a result there is no final exam. The coursework involves extended academic essay weighting 50%, tutorial assessment weighting 7.5%, debates and discussions weighting 7.5%, listening, note-taking, summarizing weighting 15% and oral presentation weighting 20%. As you can see, this method is obviously complicated to calculate but it exams students homework, in-class test, research ability and so on, giving student grade of overall performance. The second type is pure exam assessment which means there is no coursework involves in. An example for that can be Business Math. It is deadly easy to get the final grade since what you get in final exams then what you get for final marks. However, I think this method only exams students’ performance in just one exam and it is full of eventuality. The last type is both exams and coursework involved in such as Business 2, Economics 1. And usually the coursework weights 30% and the left 70% for exams. I prefer be judged by the third method.



Today I am going to share with all of you my spare time. I think that anybody who knows me knows that I am a person who love to eat delicious food. It’s called “chihuo” in Chinese. Eat what you love, love what you eat 🙂

Reflection on Foundation English classes



There are three English modules in Bellerbys Foundation Course. The first term, it aims to improve students’ English ability and we have done a mass of preparation for listening, speaking, reading and writing which are the four necessities in language. The second term English classes are purely focused on doing practice for IELTS test. I have done a lot of work even though I still need to book another test due to my poor writing skills. For the final English module, what I am doing at the moment is pretty demanding.

In this term Joe (our English teacher) asked us to complete the first draft for an extended piece of writing, in order to enrich a range of skills including research skills, planning, not-making, referencing and structure. Last week I did a 10-minutes presentation based on my research and outcomes from my first draft. Apart from basic PowerPoint skills I learned from CIT courses, body language and visual aids are also needed for an effective presentation.

Debating is the most exciting things in English class. I need to be prepared myself to interact with other team member and discuss and debate academic topics using discussion language. My team topic is to refute that alcohol should be banned in law. Both teams have prepared a lot using data and statistics to support their idea. It is full of joy.

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Reflection on CIT classes


By doing CIT course at Bellerbys College Brighton which is one of the Business Foundation modules, I gain a mass of computer skills and I divide them into 3 areas.

There is no doubt that doing presentations is a part of academic life and therefore knowing PowerPoint well is essential. A couple of days ago, I did a presentation on Break Even. I did a lot of research on this topic and found some really interesting pictures online. During the process of making a PowerPoint, I gained useful and helpful knowledge in adding a number of animation effects, inserting headers and footers, and referencing any photos if they are not my own.

Organizing the blog is my most enjoyable part. By picking tags and categories, I know how to organize my blog more effectively.  Mr. Tim Hewson (our CIT teacher) also taught us how to customize side bar, header and theme those elements to make blog more stunning. Apart from that, we need to upload weekly writing for contributing to our personal blog.

Last but not the least, CIT course also gives me an early insight into basic spreadsheets skills we need for university. For example, I have done 3 spreadsheets from simple to complex in class so far. What I am currently doing is 6th From Mark book which is a bit more complicated for me. Probably I need to practice more on conditional formatting and the use of logical statements to create formulas.

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How I have changed my view of what I wish to study at university during my Foundation year

First of all a bit of background to explain why I am passionate about studying Banking and International Finance. My mother has worked in the banking industry for many years and she always saved Chinese New Year lucky money for me. I checked the money monthly at my local ATM while the figure on screen appeared bigger than the original amount and extra invested each year. As a child I did not know why and I found it really magical and interesting. Since then I became determined to further my knowledge in the banking area. As a result, I applied to Cass Business School for Banking International Finance.

Through two terms of study of Business Foundation in Bellerbys College Brighton, I am gradually passionate about studying business. In term 1, Mr Glanville taught us Business 1 with various teaching methods including video watching, group discussion, lectures, and presentation. We learned a lot about business structures, business finance, business ethics, SLEPT analysis and I believe all the topics are surely useful.

During my free time, I enjoy watching online courses. I was impressed by a 2-minutes video talking about Business Model Canvas. It was simple enough to make complicated things understandable to me. I subscribed to the up- loader and preserved in watching those videos every day to enrich my knowledge in Business field.

All this leads me to say that I have a better idea of the course content for both Finance and Business now than when I originally applied. While both are similar in parts the latter suits my degree aims more fully. Based on that, I made the decision to approach transferring from Banking and International Finance to Business studies. I do appreciate the chance for studying Business Foundation in Bellerbys College Brighton as this makes me feel fully prepared for the university life.



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Welcome to my first blog

Welcome to my first blog, I hope to share with you guys here a little about me and my life. My Chinese name might be a little bit complicated to you to pronounce it, so please call me Stella. I am currently a Business Foundation student studying at Bellerbys College Brighton.

I will put on photos regarding my academic life in Brighton and I will also share something I found interesting in my spare time. Your input and comments are welcome and appreciated, so feel free to share them with everyone!